Homemade Pineapple Coconut Ice Cream (Dairy Free)

No matter the season, my kids love to eat ice cream.  My 6 year old has a hard time eating most fruits.  She is fine with veggies, but for some reason, she can’t handle fruit.  I have come to learn that it is mostly a texture issue for her. She will drink a smoothie with any kind of fruit in it, or eat a homemade popsicle with fruit in it, but a plain piece of fruit she struggles with.   So combining the nutrition of fruit with the delicious appeal of ice cream is a winner at my house.  This homemade pineapple coconut ice cream is smooth, refreshing and a great treat even if you can’t eat dairy!

My favorite thing about making homemade ice cream, is how few ingredients you need.  This pineapple coconut ice cream has only 3 ingredients.  Frozen pineapple, frozen bananas, and coconut milk.  Dairy free ice cream!!! Plus the cleanup is super fast because you only use a food processor!  I’m sure you could make it in a blender, I just haven’t tried it.  You can buy fresh pineapple and freeze it, or if it is available I buy the frozen pineapple chunks from Costco.   As a side note – I have a few other recipes with coconut milk on the site.  My favorite brand is the Thai Kitchen brand.   For some reason I feel like the coconut cream separates from the milk better and that is the part that gives these recipes the really creamy texture.   Add your ingredients to a food processor and pulse until they begin to combine and become smooth.  Turn it on and let it blend until you get a smooth creamy texture.

instructions >>> @ superhealthykids.com

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