The Best Meatloaf Recipe

This is my absolute favorite comfort food…wait…My other fav is my Salisbury steak. I’m afraid to say this, but I could probably eat the WHOLE 2 lbs!

This tasty meatloaf recipe is so easy to make! My family always fight over the last slice.  Back in the day, you wouldn’t find me fighting over meatloaf because I pretty much hated it.  That same hatred for the loaf motivated me to develop a meatloaf recipe.

The key to good flavorful meatloaf is to use 80% fat ground beef.  Too lean ground beef  just isn’t as flavorful.  80% ground beef has more fat and that equals more flavor. Instead of soaking the bread in milk, opt for beef  or chicken base. Beef or chicken broth works too but the bases has more flavor.

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