Bang Bang Shrimp Rice Bowls (Bonefish Grill copycat)

Bang Bang Shrimp Rice Bowls are a staple in my house because they are so easy to make. We also love Copycat Bang Bang Tofu for meatless Monday, which is one of my most popular tofu recipes. Feel like chicken? Try out Bang Bang Chicken (Instant Pot recipe)!

You have a couple different options while making these rice bowls (grilled shrimped or fried – up to you!), and you can opt to make them healthier as well.

Bang Bang Shrimp Rice Bowls (Bonefish Grill copycat)

While you’re at it, make extra shrimp for Bang Bang Shrimp Quesadillas or Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos! Making copycat recipes at home allows you to know exactly what is going into your food, and you’re able to eave out some of the more questionable ingredients (goodbye msg and through the roof sodium). I did fry the shrimp for this recipe to keep the like-ness of the restaurant version, but I love them grilled as well.  Add some Garlic Ginger Spinach or Spicy Green Beans (PF Chang copycat) and dinner is served!

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