Creamy Spinach Chicken

This creamy chicken spinach bake makes the perfect dinner entree! One of the EASIEST chicken recipes because it’s all prepped and baked in one pan! Now that’s a dinner worthy recipe and a keto friendly spinach and chicken breast recipe!

Creamy Spinach Chicken

What’s more easier than making a chicken casserole with minimal prep? Can you believe this chicken spinach dish requires no searing, cooking or frying prior to baking? You literally put everything raw into a baking dish and the oven does all the cooking down for you! Now tell me that’s not a quick and easy chicken recipe? If you’re familiar with one of our most popular recipes here, the Creamy Spinach tilapia casserole is pretty much what inspired this spinach recipe. With rave reviews and a hit on Pinterest, you must give this one a try!

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