Hashbrown Beef Bake

Sometimes a recipe comes to be and it’s just everything. This recipe in particular is seriously popular and it is always number one on our lists. At first I wondered, why?! But I can see that it’s because it’s super easy, frugal friendly, and I don’t know any kiddo that doesn’t love it. So it’s basically a parent’s dream dish.

This one is for my meat and potatoes friends…it’s a freezer friendly hashbrown and beef bake…and it’s to.die.for. This makes a 9×13’s worth, so you’ll have lots of leftovers (well, depending on how many you are serving)

Hashbrown Beef Bake

And I want to say this…I had a taste of these leftovers without warming them up and it was surprisingly delicious!

get the recipe >> 5dollardinners.com

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