Keto Taco Chaffle Recipe (Crispy Taco Shells)

This Crispy Taco Chaffle Recipe is absolutely mouth-watering delicious! It was such an incredible addition to the Very Best Taco Meat, and the crispy taco shells were better than I imagined.

Taco salads are one of our very favorite easy family meals. All four kids love tacos. They can enjoy theirs on tortillas, while the hubs and I eat taco salads or sometimes keto taco cups. I’ve tried making taco shells just out of cheese, and even though I love the crunch,  they are always a bit greasy.

Keto Taco Chaffle Recipe (Crispy Taco Shells)

Then, enter all the Keto Chaffle craziness that has set the keto world on fire lately. As I was cooking dinner last night, I knew that I could create a Chaffle Taco Shell easily. While there are many chaffle recipes online, I knew that this one needed to be extremely crispy and not eggy at all or it would never pass as a taco shell.

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