The BEST EVER Polar Bear Paws (See's Candy Copycat)

Keep in mind, this mall sucked then and it continues to suck to this day. It’s called Sunrise Mall, and it has maybe 20 real stores, and the rest are closed down or like, “Ray’s Shirts” or whatever. But back then, it was a little bit better, with a cool Hot Topic, a Sam Goody, and a cheap movie theater for me to make out with my boyfriends. Hey, don’t judge! You were once 16, too.

The BEST EVER Polar Bear Paws (See's Candy Copycat)

I would always go with my BFF, Katrina, and we’d spend hours walking around the perimeter of the mall, like mall walkers but cooler, obvi. We’d get ourselves Orange Julius drinks and get a major sugar high, then when we felt ourselves crashing, we’d always crawl into See’s Candies to get a free square of fudge. However, I always dug around for a couple quarters so I could buy myself a highly coveted Polar Bear Paw.

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