Air Fryer Steak Fajitas

These Air Fryer Fajitas made with steak are a delicious addition to your Air Fryer meal rotation. Roasted peppers and onions with marinated steak pieces all made in one device, your Air Fryer.

I’m a huge fan of making steak in my air fryer and I’m known for making it all kinds of ways in my Air Fryer. I’ve done ribeye to serve alongside fries and salad, steak kebabs in the air fryer, and now I present air fryer steak fajitas.

Air Fryer Steak Fajitas

This is one of those recipes that have come in handy on out taco Tuesdays weeknights. Aside from the marinating, it’s quick and easy and clean up is a breeze. I’m sure it’s a recipe you’ll add to your dinner rotations as well.


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