Apple Pie Bread

No really – this Apple Pie Bread is AH-MAZING! After you make it the first time, you are gonna be hooked (so consider yourself warned.) There are recipes that I make that will be good.

And there are recipes that will be not-so-good (or downright gag-worthy and you won’t see those on the blog) but then there are recipes like this one where you just want to grab people by the collar and say “Dude, if you don’t make this today – you will regret it for the rest of your life!”

Apple Pie Bread

It’s a simple homemade sweet bread filled with a layer of cinnamon sugar and fresh apples and topped with more cinnamon sugar and apples.
The fresh apples combined with the sweet bread almost makes it taste like cake that is shaped into bread form. But bread sounds healthier, right?

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