Chocolate Coconut Mounds Bar Brownies

You must line your pan with aluminum foil before beginning or you’ll have a huge mess to deal with. Between the fudgy brownies and the gooey, drippy, sweetened condensed milk, you’d have to chisel them out of the pan.

Line with foil so you can simply lift the whole slab out, and cleanup is a breeze. I don’t trust parchment for recipes like this because you can’t make tight corner seals like you can with foil.

Chocolate Coconut Mounds Bar Brownies

To say they’re rich and moist is an understatement. The brownie itself is fudgy, not at all cakey, and I used a new brownie base that I developed. No cocoa powder, all melted chocolate, with eggs and butter, a modest amount of sugar and flour, a splash of coffee and a pinch of espresso granules. Neither the coffee or espresso make the brownies taste like coffee, and serve to intensify the chocolate flavor, but omit if you’re concerned.


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