Grandma's Southern-Style Chicken n' Dumplings

You will LOVE these “Southern Style” chicken n’ dumplings just the way my Texas Grandma used to cook them! A big bowl of this filling hot soup is comfort food at it’s very best!

Fall is upon us, and Old Man Winter is just around the corner. Not too sure about you, but I tend to “hunker down” during this season of the year, and yearn for fires in the fireplace, a warm home, and good old comfort food, like a big pot of my Grandma’s Southern-Style Chicken n’ Dumplings! Yum!

Grandma's Southern-Style Chicken n' Dumplings

My Grandma, who lived in East Texas before she passed away, used to make this wonderful chicken n’ dumpling soup for us when we would visit on family vacations. My mom also made Grandma’s recipe for our family, then I began making this same recipe for my family many, many years ago. Our grown sons love this soup, as well, and I can’t even begin to count how many times they have eaten this meal.

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