Mocha Brownies with Cafe Latte Frosting

These coffee brownies are brought to you by my two lifesavers: coffee & chocolate. The brownies are super fudgy with a chocolate flavor that’s not too sweet and not too rich.

There’s just a hit of coffee in the batter to give them a mocha flavor. Then they’re topped with fluffy, creamy, cafe latte frosting. They’re the perfect grown-up brownie recipe. Because after all – what could be better than coffee and chocolate and brownies?

Mocha Brownies with Cafe Latte Frosting

Now when it comes to making brownies, there’s 2 general categories: brownies made with cocoa and brownies made with melted chocolate. (Or ok – sometimes brownies made with both cocoa and melted chocolate for those of us that are more bipartisan).

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