Spiced Samosa Patties

I was thinking about Indian food, and how much I used to LOVE potato and pea samosas. There was a little Indian grocery store across the street from where my mom used to work that sold samosas at lunch time, and I would run over there and get a samosa or two and take them to my mom and we’d have a quick snack.

Now that I don’t eat wheat, I can’t eat samosas. They are wrapped in a thick dough, and then deep fried, so I actually have not had a samosa in five years.

Spiced Samosa Patties

I decided that I would make a samosa type filling into patties, and then lightly fry them.  SO GOOD! They tasted so much like the real thing, but were not encased in a heavy dough that soaked up all the grease, so they are a bit healthier. These were easy to make, and Darryl and I gobbled them right up. They basically went from the pan to our mouths. Gone. Just like that. :)

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